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    Coinbase Pro features advanced charting features and a huge range of crypto trading pairs - making it an ideal exchange for more experienced crypto traders. But when it comes time to file your Coinbase Pro taxes - it can get a little complicated. Here’s everything you need to know about Coinbase Pro taxes and reporting, including transaction statements, profit and loss calculations, CSV exports and more.

    How to prepare Coinbase Pro taxes

    Tax deadline looming and no clue where to start with your Coinbase Pro tax reporting? Wherever you live, your tax office wants to know about your taxable Coinbase Pro transactions, including capital gains, losses, income and expenses. You are required to report your crypto activity to your tax office for each tax year.

    Don’t panic - getting your Coinbase Pro taxes (formerly GDAX) done is easy. Start by getting your Coinbase Pro transaction history.


    How to download & export Coinbase Pro transaction history

    There’s a couple of ways to get your Coinbase Pro transaction history -download it from your account as a file, or automate this with the Coinbase Pro API:

    1. Use the Coinbase tax report API with crypto tax software. You can generate an API in Coinbase Pro and input this into your chosen crypto tax app to automatically calculate your crypto taxes and generate your crypto tax report.
    2. Export Coinbase Pro transaction history in a CSV file. You can download a CSV file of your Coinbase Pro transaction history. Then you can either upload this to a crypto tax app or do your Coinbase Pro yourself.

    Log in to your Coinbase Pro account and select your profile in the top right, then statements. On the statements page, you can generate both an accounts statement and a fills statement as either a CSV or a PDF file. This file will get emailed to the email address associated with your Coinbase Pro account and may take a couple of days to arrive.

    Please note if you're using Coinbase, you'll need to import a separate CSV file with your Coinbase transaction history too. See our guide on Coinbase tax reporting.

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